New MDABC Well Being Meet-Up Group

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

This is a FREE social group for people in the Greater Vancouver District who live with depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and/or other mood-related concerns who are looking for ways to feel happy and well again. This group will let you have the opportunity to have fun, get social support, and connect with others facing similar challenges! We will be getting together to participate in a variety of activities in the community and we will always make sure there is time for conversation and sharing. This Meet-up is available to anyone who wants to improve their mood; you do not have to have to be a patient/client/member of the MDABC to join.

This is an activity group and is not facilitated by mental health professionals. It is NOT intended to provide therapy/counselling, or any kind of treatment for mental health concerns.

Go to to join up.