Posted Wednesday, May 10, 2017

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Posted Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Dear youth patients at MDA,

Thank you for trusting us to be a part of your care.

The youth psychiatry clinic at MDA is closing in July. We would like to present to you some options to help you continue to get better.

 Patients who have recovered or are on their way to recovery

Many of our patients have experienced substantial improvement or complete recovery from their mental health concerns. If you count yourself among this group, we suggest that you return to your family doctor for ongoing follow-up and renewal of any prescriptions that you have.  You do not need to continue seeing a psychiatrist. Your file at MDA will be automatically closed six months after your last contact with a doctor at MDA.

Patients with the most significant needs

If you are someone who has:

  • Attended a hospital for mental health reasons within the past six months
  • Experienced strong suicidal thoughts or urges within the past six months
  • Been recommended to see a doctor more frequently than once a month

We suggest that you receive your care from your local child and youth Mental Health Team.  Please go to HealthlinkBC ( or call 8-1-1 to find the team nearest you. Mental Health Teams are “self-refer” so you may contact your local team to get an appointment without a referral from one of our doctors. Once you have made contact we would be pleased to send along relevant information to help you get appropriate care at the team.

Patients who require ongoing but not emergency or urgent care

Some of our patients have ongoing needs that require specialty care but are not facing a crisis or emergency.

The Youth Wellness Associates will see patients age 5-18. Patients age 19-24 are eligible if they are attending post-secondary studies full time.  The Youth Wellness Associates will not be seeing patients above the age of 24 unless prior arrangements have been made directly with one of our psychiatrists. These exceptions will be rare.

If you are eligible, please make your next appointment with the Youth Wellness Associates. Contact information is below. Please note that all appointments are booked through the Three Story Clinic (Vancouver) location but the actual appointment may take place at the location nearest you.


Youth Wellness Associates at Three Story Clinic
Suite 301, 601 West Broadway
Phone 604-563-3093
Fax     604-563-3094


Patients over the age of 18 and patients who do not want to book with Youth Wellness Associates

Patients over the age of 18 who are not currently in school or attending school part time are welcome to continue at MDA with the adult psychiatry clinic.  This is also an option for patients who do not want to be transferred to the Youth Wellness Associates for any reason. The MDA clinic sees patients age 19+ with no upper age limit. Call 604-873-0103 and hit ‘1’ to book an appointment with an adult psychiatrist.  

Please note that the youth psychiatry clinic and the adult psychiatry clinic at MDA are specialty clinics. Your file will automatically be closed six months after your last contact with an MDA doctor. If you do not want this to happen, please choose one of the options we have presented (mental health team, Youth Wellness Associates, or the Adult Psychiatry Clinic at MDA) and notify the MDA clinic of your decision.