The MDABC invites you to join our nonprofit society by becoming a valued member:

By becoming a member, you can join  our nonprofit agency in our mission to improve the lives of Canadians by ensuring access to mental health treatment, education and support. Our vision of a society free from mental health stigma in which people with mood disorders are empowered to live happy, healthy lives is becoming more and more possible with the support of members and donors like you.

Your $30 annual membership helps to provide support and education to people living with mental illness and to build a more understanding community.

A paid membership includes:

  • A subscription to Visions Mental Health and Addictions Journal
  • An opportunity to help MDABC reduce the stigma around mental illness, reach out to the public, and provide supportive and educational programs 
  • Voting priviledges at our Annual General Meeting. 

You can become a member by coming in to either of our downtown Vancouver offices or by phoning 604.873.0103.  

We  accept cash, debit and credit cards at either of our offices. We can process credit card payments over the phone. 

MDABC's charitable business number is 89930 7854 RR0001

For more information, phone 604.873.0103 or email