C. Bonnie Ritchie

Bonnie is a very proud mother, grandmother and career women.  She was at the height of life, great kids, wonderful man, travelling, golfing, working within the industry she so loved, but as quickly as hitting a light switch, it changed.

Today her view of life is so very different, not only of her own, but also for those she has met through this journey.  So many people, so many different walks of life, and those who are misunderstood and have no one to be their voice, to help them along.  Bonnie feels that she was very lucky!

Bonnie has come to realize that the only one you can rely on is yourself, love unconditionally, live each day to the fullest, and even if you are alone, enjoy your own company.  She certainly does! 

Her life is full, with love and joy – and now she wants to give back to the community. 

To be able to give back, is her life’s journey going forward!